Q1, 2020: Carlsbad, California (February 4 & 5)

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This meeting was held from February 4th, 2020 to February 5th, 2020.

Meeting Recap

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Attendee List

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Keynote/Welcome Plenary

Below are links to keynote presentations given during the meeting. Other presentations, delivered as part of working group sessions, are listed in the working group topic details.

Working Group Topics and Materials

Below are topics discussed during working group sessions as well as any supporting presentation materials and recorded videos.

Advertising Working Group

  • Ad Monitoring PoC update and outstanding issues
  • Discuss the poll results for the two project proposals; Ad-Break Signaling and Invalid Traffic

Edge Storage Sub-Working Group

There were no presentations by this working group at the meeting.

Immersive Video Study Group

  • Status of the VR PoC and next steps

Low Latency Streaming Working Group

  • Update/review of the current state of the Best Practices for Improving Live Streaming Latency document
  • Discuss the poll results regarding approval of the Project Scoping template and interest in the three proposed scaling projects, then create a plan for how to move forward

Metadata Working Group

  • Kickstart meeting
  • Identifying projects and topics to address

Presentation Title


Networking and Transport Working Group

  • Begin working on the 5G and Edge in streaming media document
  • Continuing discussion on an industry standard way to talk to FPGAs
  • IETF MOPS working group update
  • Discussion around Multicast in different delivery environments

Open Caching Working Group

  • Brainstorm session to begin working on the SVA Labs initiative, beginning with two APIs (to be decided by the group)

Presentation Title


Security Working Group

  • Continue progressing the Streaming Security document

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