APAC 2021


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This will be our first STREAMup in the Asia-Pacific region. We are excited to have an event there for all of the streaming companies in the region.


We had a fantastic first STREAMup in the APAC region! Sponsored  by Optus and ServiceNow, the event had over 40 attendees from the Asia Pacific region, and Europe, listening to presentations from NPAW, Optus and the SVA. We’d like to thank all those who joined us and especially to our sponsors for making it possible!


This STREAMup was held on September 29, 2021 from 7:30pm until 9:00pm (GMT+10).


The topic for this STREAMup was relevance of edge compute, MEC to video streaming and how different devices affect the viewing experience..


How Devices Affect the Viewing Experience


As we cross the midway point of 2021, we are witnessing an impressive reboot of the industry. One notable phenomenon is how end-users are applying lessons learned from the past year.

Presented by Till Sudworth

Relevance of Edge Compute, MEC to Video Streaming


Optus Content provides an interesting perspective on the relevance of edge compute, MEC to video streaming

Presented by Faheem Tabassum

Presented by Zorawar Singh

SVA Introduction


Executive Director Jason Thibeault gives an update on the alliance and its work to the attendees.

Presented by Jason Thibeault



Clive Dickens,VP Of Product Development, TV and Content at Optus Content welcomes attendees to the first Streaming Video Alliance APAC event.

Presented by Clive Dickens

Photo Gallery

Photos are not yet available for this meetup but will be posted soon.

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