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Resource Utilization Monitoring User Experience

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Internet delivery of video services opens up the possibility of users engaging in fraudulent activities (e.g. by sharing of username/password credentials). Content providers and distributors are contractually obligated to prevent such abuse. To be able to detect such activity, a system that can track content usage across service providers is required. Such a system should be capable of collecting real-time data and preventing delivery of content that exceeds pre-defined rules in real-time. The OATC RUM Specification prescribes how data should be collected and utilized to mitigate abuse by automatically enforcing stream concurrency limits. This Resource Utilization Monitoring User Experience specification walks the reader through a set of stream concurrency monitoring use cases and offers related user experience flows. The purpose of this specification is to recommend a common set of practices for implementing a concurrency management solution for MVPDs, programmers and/or developers/solution integrators. The intended audience for this specification is business owners as well as technical personnel within MVPDs, programmers and/or developers/solution integrators. Use, transfer, storage of any use data requires to be kept in line with local legislation e.g., GDPR in the EU territories.

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June 26, 2018


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