Scaling for Live Event Distribution

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April 5, 2020

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November 30, 2023
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Problem Statement

Successfully scaling live streaming events is challenging and involves consideration of multiple components within the video streaming workflow. This project investigates various solutions and considers their effectiveness.

Project Description

This project is a follow up on the previous Live Streaming group activity focused on the creation of the “Live streaming best practices” document. This project focuses on how to create live stream infrastructure that can not only handle the baseline scale of delivering live channels but also the significantly higher scale of less frequent – but often more business critical – major live events (World Cup, Super Bowl, Royal Weddings, Academy Awards, etc.).

Project Type

Document and Proof of Concept

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Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of this project include:
  • Identify common challenges to scaling in live stream workflows
  • Identify potential solutions to scaling issues at different points in the live stream worklow
  • Test and measure such solutions so that readers can make informed decisions about which approaches may or may not make sense based on their use case, affect on QoE, as well as other business factors.

Project Scope

The document produced by this project WILL PROVIDE:
  • Identification of common scaling issues from the point of encoding to the end-user playback
  • Recommendations for improving or modifying architecture to mitigate scale issues
  The document produced by this project WILL NOT PROVIDE:
  • Addressing scaling issues prior to encoding (i.e., glass-to-glass) as this affects a smaller audience but is significant enough to warrant tackling in a separate project.


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Additional References

Given that this project is based upon the recommendations made in the document “Best Practices for Reducing Live Stream Latency,” it is recommended that you read that document prior to contributing to this project. You can also gain additional information about the project from the scoping document.