Open Caching (Phase 1)

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November 2017

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December 2017


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As an industry organization, the Streaming Video Alliance brings together participants from across the video ecosystem to collaborate on best practices, specifications, and standards for online video delivery. The Open Caching Working Group developed a series of specifications outlining a new architecture for delivering video content across the Internet. Open Caching, a distributed architecture, leverages common compute and storage resources deployed at the network edge in close proximity to consumers. It establishes a universal delivery layer operating across a range of content providers and is used as an extension of the existing content delivery infrastructure.   In this architecture network operates install caches that adhere to the specifications defined by the Streaming Video Alliance. This ensures a better user experience by caching popular content very close to the end user (i.e., within the last mile). This caching system reduces latency (for both VOD and Live streaming). It also provides network operators the opportunity to better shape their network traffic and, ultimately, monetize video traffic delivery.


The objective of the Open Caching POC is to demonstrate a fully operational workflow of open caching involving all stakeholders for online video delivery. As such, it will test all four major interfaces in the open caching architecture: Service Provisioning, Request Routing, Logging and Content Management. It will also verify that the architecture is operational end-to-end from the content provider, via the delegating CDN, to the open cache system, and eventually to the users.


Results for this POC are not yet available.

POC Phases

This proof-of-concept has three primary phases:  
  1. “Water in the pipes.” During this phase, participating companies will demonstrate the request routing functionality for HTTPS and HTTP streaming.
  2. Service provisioning and logging functionality. During this phase, participating companies will test how to provision delivery service across the architecture.
  3. Content management actions. During this phase, participating companies will demonstrate how video content is managed throughout the value chain.
  All three phases will start with a limited friendly user trial and culminate with field deployments in service provider networks with real publisher content. During the various POC phases we may also involve activity from the QoE Working Group for measuring performance improvements using open caching systems in the service provider networks.

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