SVTA Fellows

Recognizing Industry and Alliance Contributions

The SVTA Fellow Program recognizes significant contributions individuals have made to the streaming industry and Streaming Video Technology Alliance efforts. Nominated fellows are reviewed by the Fellow Nominations Committee and recommended to the board for approval. Once a Fellow has been awarded, they are acknowledged in a press release, listed on this page, and provided a number of other benefits. Fellow awards represent lifetime recognition by the SVTA. Once per year, at our annual SEGMENTS conference, we present the latest Fellow awardees with a plaque and recognize them on stage.

Industry Fellows

Industry Fellows are recognized for their significant and continued contribution to the streaming video industry. This might be for developing critical technology, pioneering change in traditional broadcast, contributing to the industry's knowledge, and more.

Technical Fellows

Technical Fellows are current or former active members of the Streaming Video Technology Alliance that have made continued and significant contributions to working group projects and furthering the SVTA's primary mission and objectives.

Recognizing SVTA Fellows

As Industry and Technical Fellows are nominated and approved by the board, they will be displayed on our Fellows Microsite.

Note: if a Fellow has a public member profile on the Streaming Video Technology Alliance website, their profile will also be designated with an Industry or Technical Fellow badge.

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