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The Streaming Video Alliance is a group of companies spanning the streaming video value chain. These companies are dedicated to solving the critical challenges facing online video to improve consumer adoption.


Like other industry forums, the Alliance has established Working Groups targeting key problems. Whether it’s Open Caching or Quality of Experience (QoE), the Alliance’s member companies come together in quarterly face-to-face meetings and regular phone calls to produce documentation. This documentation we produce includes best practices, specifications, and requirements.


But the Alliance is not a standards body. To stay nimble and agile in an ever-changing industry, the Alliance has opted to work with existing industry organizations (like the CTA). Using the output from our Working Groups (and the combined expertise of our member base), we can influence the creation of online video standards.


You won’t find another industry organization representing more diversity from within the ecosystem. We pride ourselves on bringing together some of the brightest minds in streaming video. If this sounds like membership might be right for your company, give us a shout or download an application today.

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