How Cognitive AI is Enhancing Entertainment Experiences

As technology advances, so too does the way we experience entertainment. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of how we access and interact with our favorite films and shows. AI is increasingly being used to help viewers navigate their entertainment experiences, improve content discovery and recommendations, optimize user experience (UX), and ultimately help keep audiences engaged for longer.

Cognitive AI for Mood Analysis

Content providers struggle with using consumer emotions and moods to facilitate a better discovery process. Using AI to tap into these emotional aspects will differentiate platforms and hook consumers. Mood analysis is the task of classifying the state of mind and feeling of a person into categories such as positivity, negativity, fear, arousal, and dominance.

As technology advances, content providers will need to tap into consumer emotions and moods in order to provide a better customer experience. One way to do this is through audiovisual analysis with reliance on the VAD model, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help content providers understand the emotional aspects of their content. By using sentiment analysis, platforms can employ AI to identify emotions such as happiness, sadness, or anger from a given dataset and ultimately provide an improved experience for customers by linking the sentiment of a scene to the emotion of a user. When this scene-level data is combined with viewers’ emotional responses, captured by cognitive AI (rather than traditional methods like surveys or focus groups), platforms can recommend different types of content based on the individual viewer’s current mood or emotion. Imagine a viewer agreeing to analysis of their facial expressions, body language, speech patterns, vocal intonations, and more. AI can detect subtle changes in emotion which allow it to determine whether someone is laughing, surprised, or scared. This type of personalization creates a unique viewing experience tailored specifically for each user.

Improve content discovery

The one thing most streaming services have in common is a massive amount of content. But that doesn’t mean they’re using all of it. Streaming providers strive to serve up the latest, greatest, and most popular content, which usually overlooks lesser-known or less popular titles (i.e., the “long-tail”).

Consumers find themselves increasingly trapped in a virtual bubble created by current recommendation engines. The issue is not so much with the recommendation technology itself, but rather with the data it uses – manually-added metadata. Unfortunately, this kind of content description can be overly one-dimensional and heavily influence consumer viewing paths, ultimately limiting the breadth of recommended titles. What’s more, manually added metadata are not indexing every title to become part of the recommendation process.

To unlock the potential of existing content, streaming platforms need to focus less on content popularity and more about the kind of content relevant to each viewer. Streaming providers can enhance their offerings by curating new ways to discover less popular titles hidden amongst a vast library, providing customers with an enhanced experience and access to more movies or shows the consumers would have otherwise never seen! And remember…the more content a viewer can watch, the longer they will stay on the platform.

AI is the technology that can help streaming operators unlock the power of their platform. By leveraging high-dimensional content embedding, AI can identify keywords and genres within videos to make more accurate recommendations from a vast variety of titles. Using AI, you can get high-dimensional content video embedding including scene detection, color palette, music, stress levels, sound effects, and mood. The better shape your metadata is in, the better content recommendations you’ll be able to provide. This can help increase engagement by ensuring that viewers are presented with content that they are more likely to enjoy.

Without manually added metadata blurring paths, viewers will have access to optimal discovery experiences which will take your service cost-effectively into uncharted territory.

Feed The Desire To Binge

Binge Markers is the feature which automatically detects the end credits in video playback, allowing a viewer to skip the end credits of a show, the introduction of the next episode, and ultimately ensures a smooth and quick transition between episodes. Do you encourage users to binge-watch TV series by auto-playing the next episode? Are you using your editorial team’s valuable time to do it?

AI-powered binge markers are revolutionizing the way viewers consume content. Never again will you have to be stuck in a time-suck of starting intros, recaps, and scrolling through menus for the next episode. With AI-generated binge markers, viewers can instantly skip those annoying bits and continue through the sequence of episodes. This AI-enhanced personalization technology is also working to improve content discoverability even further: AI algorithms can automatically tag videos with related videos and genres to alert viewers that there’s something new for them to watch.

With AI-powered binge markers, viewers can quickly and easily skip through intros, recap segments, or end credits – so they won’t miss a beat of their favorite shows. Keep your audience engaged for longer with a seamless user experience.

Provide Excellent Visual Discovery

OTT service providers are experiencing massive competition across the global markets. They all seek higher viewer stickiness, which means that their subscribers spend more time in their platform. Sure, content is an essential part of your OTT strategy, but if no one can find it, then it’s useless, and there’s no reason for viewers to spend more time watching TV shows or movies through your platform. Did you know that 64% of users have skipped over a title because of off-setting artwork, but later found the title to be within their taste? This problem can be solved through better representation of the content to help your viewers make the right decision.

A great UI/UX helps customers to find exactly what they want and help ensure a highly engaging OTT experience. That’s where AI can help by creating high-quality previews and thumbnails quickly, then make them even better by personalizing each one according to every viewer’s preferences. Through this technology, the convenience of automated editing while ensuring maximum satisfaction for everyone watching.

Layer Algorithms On Top Of Your Editorial Pick

The great part of AI is that you don’t have to choose between humans and algorithms. You can use them together to enhance your editorial selections. By leveraging both human expertise and algorithmic intelligence, you can give users the best customized content experience tailored for their own personal preferences. Add a layer of AI to supplement each part of your service so that every user is shown relevant information in an ideal order just for them.

Through the application of cognitive AI, entertainment media is rapidly evolving. Many streaming platforms can now offer highly personalized viewing experiences for users and allows companies to gain valuable insights about individual viewers preferences. As a result, content discovery is improving tremendously, opening up fresh opportunities to enhance customer engagement like never before.

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