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Why Should You Join the SVTA?

The SVTA provides you the opportunity to not only work with others to solve technical challenges in your own streaming video tech stack, but it affords you an opportunity to have a say in specifications which may help define the industry going forward. And, if you are a technology vendor, it provides a unique opportunity to listen to your potential, or existing, customers talk about their own challenges.

SVTA Membership Levels

Membership Feature
Attend working group calls

Members can send an unlimited number of people to any working group calls.

Attend quarterly face-to-face meetings

Members can send an unlimited number of people to face-to-face quarterly meetings.

SVTA project voting

Members can vote on the ratification of SVTA projects such as documents or software code.

Hold board seat

Members can hold a position on the SVTA Board of Directors. For Sponsor members, this is a permanent seat. For Principal members, 2 Principal members are voted to the board by the SVTA Principal members each year (board seat runs from 6/1 to 5/31).

Be a working group co-chair

Members can be selected to be a working group co-chair. These selections are done at the discretion of the board. Each working group should have 3 co-chairs.

Lead an SVTA project

Members can be selected as a project lead.

Contribute to an SVTA project

Members can write sections in SVTA documents, contribute to code projects, etc.

SVTA Membership Pricing

SVTA memberships are effective from 1/1 to 12/31 each calendar year. Members are invoiced in November for the following year. Membership fees are also prorated. The table at the bottom explains the fee structure based upon the quarter in which the company joins.

Membership Type
Special Requirements
Annual Pricing

Company must demonstrate less than $1.5MM in annual revenue and can't have taken Series-A investment.

Principal (modified)

This membership level does not allow the member to hold a WG co-chair position, board position,  project lead position, or vote on documents. All other Principal membership benefits apply.

Small Business Principal

Company must demonstrate less than $10MM in annual revenue.

Board approval

Sponsor members have a permanent board seat. All Sponsor members must be approved by a super-majority of the board.

Application and Financial

Grant applications are accepted each year, from 10/1 to 10/31, for consideration of the following year grant membership (awarded from 1/1 to 12/31). Companies must demonstrate less than $1.5MM in annual revenue.

Public Service
Company Status

Company must demonstrate that it is a "public service" organization. All companies must fill out a membership application which are reviewed by the board on a case-by-case basis.


Membership fees are also prorated. The table below explains the fee structure based upon the quarter in which the company joins.

Quarter Joined
% of Annual Membership
Small Business

1/1 to 3/31


4/1 to 6/30


7/1 to 9/30


10/1 to 12/31

Companies who join in this quarter are also billed for the following year membership.

$1,250 + $5,000
$1,750 + $7,000
$3,000 + $12,000
$6,875 + $27,500

Please Review the Membership Documents

The SVTA is governed by several membership documents including By-Laws, IPR policy, and anti-trust statement. By executing the membership application, you are agreeing to abide by these documents. You can download all of our governing documents here.

Questions You Might Have Before You Decide to Join the SVTA

Yes. All of our annual membership fees are prorated quarterly. So, if you join in Q2, a Principal membership, for example, would only be $6,000. Subsequent years, though, are invoiced at the regular, annual fee.

Yes. We have lots of member companies that tried a Supporting Membership at the beginning. After realizing that they wanted their opinion as part of a Working Group’s document, they upgraded to a Principal Membership so that they could contribute more actively.

No. Memberships are billed annually. If you cancel mid-way through the year, it just means that you will not receive a renewal invoice.

Yes. We have no problem accepting a credit card.

No. We do not currently offer individual memberships at this time.

Yes. There is a nominal cost to cover food and beverage as well as other operational expenses. The early bird registration fee is $400. If you register after the early bird period ends, the fee is $500.

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