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Streaming Video Technology Alliance Announces First Public Open Source Repository: Common Media Library

SVTA Contributors to Common Media Library to Participate at HLS Interest Day at Apple


FREMONT, Calif. — October 19, 2023 — The Streaming Video Technology Alliance (SVTA), a global technical association developing solutions to address critical technical challenges in delivering a high-quality video experience at scale, has introduced its first public open source repo, the Common Media Library (CML). The project was born out of the SVTA Players and Playback Working Group to build a standard set of player functionality that can be deployed across different .js players to help reduce the amount of individual player development that has to be accomplished to make functionality consistent. SVTA member companies contributing to this project include Amazon Web Services, Comcast, Brightcove, Paramount, Qualabs, and Synamedia. Akamai, not an SVTA member, also contributed to the project.

“The launch of SVTA’s initial public repository is a significant step forward, opening doors for non-SVTA members to contribute to the development of software. It’s also a clear example of the positive impact of SVTA’s Working Groups,” said Casey Occhialini, SVTA CML Project Lead and Principal Software Engineer at Paramount. “I look forward to being onsite next week at Demuxed 2023 to share more about the SVTA’s first public open source repo and to collaborate and hear from other industry experts on challenges they are tackling in streaming video players.”

As part of this project, the SVTA contributors to the CML will provide their input to this week’s Fall 2023 hls-interest meeting, hosted by Apple. The in-person event will include updates about the latest HTTP Live Streaming and HLS.js across all platforms, in addition to community discussions and a live Q&A with members of the Apple media streaming engineering team. To learn more: CML contributors will also be at Demuxed 2023, in San Francisco from October 24 to 25, to talk more about the project, the problems it proposes to solve, and how to get involved.

“Our public open source repo not only symbolizes the SVTA’s commitment to innovation but also underscores our dedication to collaboration – it’s a significant milestone, and there will definitely be future public repo projects now that we have an established framework and approach for handling non-member contributions,” said Jason Thibeault, Executive Director at the Streaming Video Technology Alliance. “Member participation in this week’s Fall 2023 hls-interest meeting underscores the relevance and importance of the project within the industry.”

SVTA Open Source Projects

Per the SVTA governing framework, non-members can contribute to the development of software. Although the CML project is now a public repo, all SVTA open source projects fall under the Benevolent Dictator For Life (BDFL) model which means all voting and decisions are ultimately made by representatives of the SVTA. This includes the Project Managers, appointed by the working group that governs the project. In the case of CML, it was governed by the SVTA Players and Playback Working Group. Going forward, open source projects will be defined by a scoping document, a formal SVTA publication that will need to be ratified using the standard ratification process.

To learn more about the CML project:

Q3/Q4 Member Meeting to Take Place in Prague

The Alliance’s third and final member meeting of the year is scheduled for November 1-2, 2023, in Prague the week prior to IETF 118. The meeting will be held just around the corner from the Wenceslas Square in the heart of the city’s center.

For more information and to register for this members-only event visit

Applications Are Open for the SVTA 2024 Grant Membership Program

SVTA recently opened the application process for the 2024 Grant Membership Program, which enables smaller organizations, such as startups, to participate in and contribute to the Alliance’s work as Principal Members for one year, waiving the standard membership fees. To qualify for the Program, companies must be able to confirm that they generate less than $1.5M in annual revenue. Now in the Program’s seventh year, and as part of the Diversity and Inclusion initiative, the Alliance continues its commitment to award at least 50% of the 2024 grants to underrepresented businesses.

Organizations interested in applying for the 2024 Grant Membership Program can find more information here:

Members of the SVTA include companies from across the streaming video ecosystem such as network operators, technology providers, service providers, and content owners. Current members are: Adobe, AERQ, Agile Content, Agora, allt, Amazon, America’s Boating Channel, ATEME, Bitmovin, Blockcast, Brightcove, Broadpeak, Cadami, CBC, CDN77, Charter Communications, Cisco Systems, Comcast, CommScope, Compira Labs, Conviva, Datazoom, Deutsche Telekom, DidjaTV, Disney Streaming, Dolby, Edgio, Eluvio, Ericsson, Fastly, Friend MTS, Globo, Google, Harmonic, Hughes Satellite Systems, IdeaNova Technologies, Infuse Video, INKA Entworks,Intelsat, InterDigital, Interra Systems, Irdeto, ITV, Liberty Global, Lumen Technologies, Mainstreaming, MarkAny, Mediastream, Microsoft, Mux, Nagra, NCTA, Netskrt, Nice People at Work, NTT East, Optus, Orange, Panasonic Avionics, Paramount, picoNETS, Qualabs, Qwilt, Siden, SiriusXM Radio, Sky, SSIMWAVE, ST Engineering iDirect, Stackpath, Streaming Global, Synamedia, System73,, Telefonica, Telestream, Thales, The Football Association Premier League, THEO, Touchstream, Unified Streaming, Varnish Software, Vecima Networks, Velocix, Verizon, Viasat Inc., Vionlabs, Western Digital Corp., and Wowza.

The SVTA  also sees participation from other brands owned by, or associated with, member companies which include Globecast, Hulu, NBCSports, Peacock, PlutoTV, Prime Video, Twitch, Verizon Media, Viaccess-Orca, and Virgin Media.

For more information on SVTA, the Working Groups, or to inquire about becoming a member, visit

About the Streaming Video Technology Alliance

The Streaming Video Technology Alliance is a global technical association addressing critical challenges in streaming video. By educating the industry on the technical nature of the issues, providing a neutral forum for collaboration across the video ecosystem, and publishing documentation that defines technical solutions, the SVTA is helping to improve the streaming video experience at scale. Over 100 companies including network operators, content rights holders, OTT platforms, service providers, and technology vendors – representing some of the biggest names in global streaming – participate in bi-weekly working group activities and quarterly face-to-face meetings. For more information, please visit


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