SVTA 5XXX Published Documents: Best Practices

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SVTA 5XXX Published Documents: Best Practices

SVTA 5XXX documents are best practices published across SVTA working groups and committees.


SVTA5002: Key Network Delivery Metrics

This document describes key network delivery metrics for streaming Internet video. The Streaming Video Technology Alliance Quality of Experience (QoE)…


SVTA5009: Forensic Watermarking Implementation Considerations for Streaming Media

The piracy of online video content is a significant issue for content owners and distributors. This document explains the technology…


SVTA5010: Geo-Data for IPv6

There are many different approaches to associating attributes to an IP address and many different attributes that can apply. There…


SVTA5011: Improved Quality of Service (QoS) For Advertisement Delivery Across OTT: Best Practices

Advertisement insertion into OTT streams is a critical part of the overall user experience. Breakdowns in services or delivery can…


SVTA5017: Best Practices for End-to-End Workflow Monitoring

As the video streaming industry continues to mature, QoE expectations continue to rise in importance both as a value proposition…


SVTA5019: Securing Streaming Video

The ability to prevent piracy, take down illegal content, and act against illegal sources are key objectives of content protection.…


SVTA5020: All Coming Together: A Collaborative Effort to Achieve Comprehensive End-to-End Monitoring

This paper, originally published in SCTE-ISBE Journal of Digital Video, Vol 5, No 1, December 2020, outlines a collaborative integration…

Low Latency Streaming

SVTA5021: Best Practices for Reducing Live Streaming Latency

Over-the-Top (OTT) video streaming is accelerating towards a tipping point where broadcasters are simulcasting their content to both OTT and…


SVTA5054: Securing Media Players

This document identifies the vulnerability points inherent in streaming video players and proposes some of the industry best practices to…