SVTA Leadership

Who Is Involved In The SVTA Leadership?

From sponsor members to member company employees to hired staff, a variety of people are involved in helping to direct and manage the progress of the Streaming Video Technology Alliance.

SVTA Board

The Streaming Video Alliance board determines the direction of the organization and sets overall strategy. The board is also involved in the document ratification process.
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The Alliance has a small, dedicated team who handle everything from finances, operations, marketing, PR, and leadership. Most of the staff reports to the Executive ...
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SVTA Committee Chairs

Alliance committees are formed to address specific needs, such as marketing, and provide invaluable benefits by leveraging member company employees and resources. Each committee is ...
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SVTA Working Group Chairs

Working Groups are where Alliance work is accomplished. Each Working Group has one or more chairs that direct the activity of the group, manage projects, ...
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The SVTA Leadership is Committed To Diversity

The SVTA leadership is focused on diversity. We are continually looking for women and people of color to hold leadership roles across the organization.

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