SVTA 1XXX Published Documents: Whitepapers and Techbriefs

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SVTA 1XXX Published Documents: Whitepapers and Techbriefs

SVTA 1XXX documents are whitepapers and techbriefs published across SVTA working groups and committees.


SVTA1003: Mobile Video: Exposed

This consumer research study, based on 1000 respondents, was fielded in late 2016 and explored attitudes and behaviors around watching…

Immersive Video

SVTA1012: The State of VR/360-Degree Video

VR/360-degree video is an exciting evolution of traditional video content and both entertainment companies and traditional businesses are exploring its…

Open Caching

SVTA1013: Optimizing Video Delivery With The Open Caching Network

Delivering a great video experience requires content to be served as close to the end-user as possible. In this whitepaper,…

Networking and Transport

SVTA1014: The Viability of Multicast ABR in Future Streaming Architectures

This paper explores the technology behind Multicast ABR and its potential to improve how video content is streamed over IP,…


SVTA1022: CMAF Tech Brief

This document provides an explanation of the Common Media Application Format (CMAF) and the Alliance’s position on it within a…


SVTA1023: Metadata Landscape

The evolution of content distribution models over the past decades has introduced a tremendous amount of flexibility for content processing…

Networking and Transport

SVTA1024: 5G and the Edge Cloud for Streaming Video

5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks and it brings new capabilities that have the potential to create opportunities…

Immersive Video

SVTA1025: eXtended Reality Brief

Extended Reality (XR) is becoming deeply ingrained in the consumer entertainment space and represents an interesting opportunity to provide immersive…

Immersive Video and Networking and Transport

SVTA1027: QUIC Tech Brief

The SVTA QUIC Tech Brief examines some of the differences and improvements between TCP and QUIC and provides an overview…


SVTA1055: Request Tracing For Streaming Media Delivery

Networking and Transport

SVTA1063: QUIC Versus TCP for Media Delivery – Testing Results and Analysis

This document details the results of the first phase of testing in the QUIC/TCP project.