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Recurring Research

The following are recurring research reports, updated each year by their respective company.

Video Developer Report (2021)

Bitmovin's Annual Video Developer Report provides key insights into the evolving technology trends of the digital video industry. This report acts as a handy reference for how the video streaming industry is shaped by consumer demands and technology challenges for the coming year.

Industry Research and Analysis

There are a number of excellent research and analyst firms providing reports about the streaming video/OTT market, trends, technologies, and more. Some technology vendors and professional services firms have also produced insightful consumer or industry research. We have collected some of those reports below. Click on the link to go to the report page. In some cases, where the report is provided free-of-charge, we have linked to it directly. You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. If there is a report, some vendor research, or a tool that’s missing, please let us know!

Member Company Research

Member Company eBooks


Other Vendor Research

Interactive Research Tools

Analyst Firms

Click on a logo to find out more about the firms. We have tried, when possible, to link to a list of their streaming video-specific research material.

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