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The Streaming Video Operations Working Group works to identify best practices and other solutions for real-world challenges experienced by streaming operators, service providers, and vendors. These solutions will be encapsulated in a series of Operations Memoranda. In addition, the group will pursue projects related to operational testing (such as workflow interoperability and player testing automations), tooling (such as open-source players features and conformance tools), and testing environments (such as the SVTA’s live low latency sandbox and self-service deployment scripts for cloud-based workflows). Finally, the group will operate a Slack channel which provides a forum for discussing operational concerns and challenges in real-world settings.


The objectives of the group include:
  • Management and participation within a Streaming Operations Forum (a Slack channel within the SVTA Slack instance). This forum will provide a place for streaming platform operators, service providers (CDNs and ISPs), and technology vendors to discuss and even troubleshoot real-world problems taking place during actual live events.
  • Develop memoranda on operational best practices. These will be short, 1-2 page documents detailing specific operational problems encountered during live events and best practices for resolution.
  • Manage one or more projects related to streaming operations. These can include the development of open-source interoperability testing frameworks, creation and development of tooling/testing suites, and work done in conjunction with other SDOs.
With regards to the Streaming Operations Forum, the group will manage the Slack discussions using a basic set of guidelines to provide guardrails on discussions. For example, discussions in the forum may address:
  • Technology decisions made by streaming platform operators
  • Vendors/suppliers and experiences with such companies
  • General needs operators have regarding the industry’s vendors
  • Operational challenges during events
But the following discussion topics will not be allowed in the forum and repeat offenders may even be removed:
  • CDN or supplier pricing
  • Audience numbers (total during an event and peak concurrency)
  • Subscription/subscriber numbers
  • Bandwidth

Current Projects

This group does not have any current projects.


Below are presentations delivered during working group sessions. Click on the presentation name to open it (many files are for members only and will require authentication) and a presenter name to view their profile. Note: if a presenter’s profile is not public, it will redirect to their LinkedIn page.

Streaming Video Operations Working Group Session


Presented by Nicolas Weil



This group does not currently have any published documents.


Note that to download draft documents, you must be an employee of an active member company with an ARO account. If you are part of a member company and don’t yet have an ARO account, you can request one here.

This group does not currently have any draft documents.

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