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So Your Company Has Joined the SVTA...

If your company is already a member, that means you can participate. But the ways in which you get involved depend upon your personal goals and the time you have available. And although the SVTA is primarily a technical organization (that is, we focus on solving technical challenges in streaming video), there are many ways to contribute as engineers, product managers, solution architects, business development, marketing, and more. Below are just a few examples of how you can participate.

Or Lead One!

Work on Projects

Or Documentation

Develop Code

Present at a Meeting

Be on a Webinar

Lead a Committee

Chair a Group

Sponsor a Meetup

Host a Meeting

When you do choose to participate, your experience with the SVTA can be just as beneficial to you as it is to the organization. Below are just some of the personal benefits available when you become active!

What Do You Gain From Participating?

  • Gain New Perspective

    Working with fellow engineers from different companies can provide interesting new perspectives on issues you are trying to resolve. The Streaming Video Technology Alliance's working groups and other activities provide a perfect forum for engaging and collaborating.

  • Develop Relationships

    Although career progression benefits a lot from how you perform at your job, it's also about relationships. Developing those relationships while working together on projects within the SVTA working groups demonstrates not only your technical skills but also your ability to work together.

  • Build Your Personal Brand

    Being an active member of Alliance projects and activities can be a boon to your brand. Showcasing what you have contributed to within the industry is a way to demonstrate to current and future employers your commitment to solving technical challenges that everyone is facing. What's more, with our LABS initiative, you can even jump into coding open source software for the streaming industry. Click on a member picture to the right to see some of the activities these members have been involved in and how we feature that on a Streaming Video Technology Alliance Member Profile!

  • Bring Back Value

    Although organizations like the Streaming Video Alliance benefit immensely from contributing engineers, it's also an opportunity to bring innovation back into your company. Whether gleaned through working group activity, or inspired by it, your work within SVTA activities may provide the breakthrough you've been chasing.

  • Contribute to the World

    The work produced by the SVTA is made available to everyone in the industry, member or not. By contributing to guidelines, best practices, and specifications, you are helping to ensure that streaming video viewers, regardless of platforms, get the best possible experience.

Hear From Active Members!

Sanjay Mishra (Associate Fellow)

The most important thing I can say I get out of the Alliance is to be able to interact with my peers from across the streaming industry ecosystem in both formal and informal settings. The informal hallway and coffee break conversations and social events are equally important as the working group sessions and are part of the reason for my continued association with the Alliance.

Eric Klein (VP, Media Distribution)

The Streaming Video Alliance has provided me the opportunity to pursue and grow ideas and standards that have long been close to my heart with a nice mix of practical application and technical specifications. By being able to focus on real world use cases in the streaming media space alongside colleagues with similar challenges, we’re able to find the best solutions that marry the theoretical with the practical. The result is that we’re able to work toward industry adoption involving all participants in an ecosystem through collaboration and partnership of definition. Being part of that conversation is crucial to the ultimate end product we all output. The collaborative spirit, consistent evolution of ideas and partnership show up in the impact we can have with each new specification, white paper, or standard we release.

Diane Strutner (Co-Founder/CEO)

The Streaming Video Alliance has been a great forum for Datazoom to learn about industry trends and initiatives, and participate in standards recommendations and projects that align directly with our core business. As a startup founder in the streaming video industry, the SVA’s focused and highly relevant membership provides our team with access to the industry’s top companies, and a way to engage meaningfully with the individuals influencing and spearheading change within them. The working groups are a great way to gather perspectives from experts on where our industry is going, and ensure our product will continue to align with targeted customers and partners.

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