The television viewing experience is transitioning from traditional linear broadcast to online streaming video making it critical for content owners and distributors to migrate elements of their existing business models (like ad insertion) to the new method of delivery. How should distributors insert ads when consumers are watching video on mobile devices? What is the best way to implement ad parity between broadcast and online? How is the quality of a video ad determined? In this working group, participating members work to answer those questions by translating critical functional elements from broadcast to online, and establishing clear best practices for how the resulting technology can be implemented.


The Streaming Video Technology Alliance Advertising Working Group has one primary objective: to define and develop best practices around the integration and operational processes for ad-supported streaming services in both on-demand and live video.


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Ad PoC Data Points and Integration


Presented by Mourad Kioumgi

Advertising WG Session


Presented by Chris Hock

Presented by Zachary Cava

Advertising Working Group Session


Presented by Chris Hock

Presented by Zachary Cava

Advertising WG Update


Presented by Chris Hock

Advertising WG Session


Presented by Chris Hock

Presented by Zachary Cava



All Coming Together: A Collaborative Effort to Achieve Comprehensive End-to-End Monitoring

This paper, originally published by SCTE ISBE, outlines a collaborative integration of manifest delivery, analytics, quality metrics, visual dashboard, and reporting methods while highlighting several demonstration use-cases. This proof-of-concept study will prove helpful for ad operations teams to enable a reliable Quality of Service (QoS) across streaming devices while validating advertiser’s investments.

Improved Quality of Service (QoS) For Advertisement Delivery Across OTT: Best Practices

Advertisement insertion into OTT streams is a critical part of the overall user experience. Breakdowns in services or delivery can have a detrimental impact on viewer churn. To provide users with the best possible Quality of Experience (QoE), content publishers must take into account the advertising workflow with regards to quality, duration, delivery, and failure. The best practices presented in this paper, developed by a number of contributing companies in the Streaming Video Alliance’s Advertising Working Group, address a myriad of considerations for any OTT service provider that is considering the inclusion of advertising in their offering.


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