SVTA Draft Documents

SVTA Draft Documents

Below is a list of all current SVTA draft documents. The “Stage” refers to the current step of the ratification process for a draft document. Click on a document title to open the relevant document page where you can find out more information. Note that for draft SVTA documents, you will need to have credentials for the SVTA’s intranet, ARO. If you are looking for published documents, you can find them on the SVTA Published Documents page.

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Working Groups



SVTA1XXX: Whitepapers and tech briefs
SVTA2XXX: Technical specifications
SVTA3XXX: Liaison documents
SVTA5XXX: Best practices
SVTA6XXX: Software code projects (includes APIs)

Immersive Video

(DRAFT) SVTA1057: eXtended Reality (XR), Deep Dive into Emergent Technology and its Practical Value

Low Latency Streaming

(DRAFT) SVTA1058: An Exploration into Measuring Streaming Latency

Open Caching
Project Completed

(DRAFT) SVTA2043: Open Caching Configuration Interface Part 7: Terraform Integration Version 2.0

Open Caching

(DRAFT) SVTA2046: Open Caching Cache Management Interface

Open Caching

(DRAFT) SVTA2049: Open Caching Capacity Insight Interface

Open Caching

(DRAFT) SVTA2050: Open Caching Logging Specification

Open Caching

(DRAFT) SVTA2065: Open Casting

(DRAFT) SVTA5062: OTT Streaming CDN Security Best Practices

Open Caching
Project Completed

SVTA5069: Content Steering with Open Caching

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