Why The SVA Is Now The SVTA

Because we are all about streaming video technology When I first joined the Streaming Video Alliance in the summer of 2016, the organization was still in its infancy. We had significantly fewer members, fewer working groups, and, of course, fewer people engaged in developing solutions.

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The State of XR Video Experiences Overview

XR (Extended Reality) refers to when “real and virtual “environments are represented jointly in a computing environment. Also, XR has recently gained some popularity with the Meta’s Metaverse initiative. Given rising interest in XR, the Streaming Video Alliance has published an eXtended Reality (XR) white

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Alliance Responds to New HLS Content Steering Proposal

Earlier this year, a new proposal was submitted by Apple to the HLS specification which addressed CDN switching. The proposal, HLS Content Steering Proposal 1.1b1, was posted to the IETF hls-interest mailing list for comment, where it received considerable feedback regarding the proposal’s lack of

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Exposing the Inner Workings of Streaming Video

Exposing the Inner Workings of Streaming Video What many people outside of the industry don’t understand is how complicated it is to deliver streaming video. Unlike broadcast television, which is based on standardized, interoperable technology, much of the streaming video stack needs to be connected

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