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Cache Management Title Page

Please note that this is a DRAFT document. As such, details may change prior to publication. Also, the button links to the current draft document housed in the STVA member portal. Clicking on the button will open the portal which will require you to login with valid credentials of a participating member company.

Estimated Publication Date

Q3 2023

Document Description

The SVTA Open Caching Cache Management Interface project seeks to specify content management interface, to facilitate standard-based interoperability between content providers and CDNs on one hand, and open caching systems.

Working Group Chairs

The following members are the working group chairs who oversaw this document and are reflected on the document itself. Note: these members may or may not be the current working group chairs.

Document Leads

The following members lead the development of this document:


The following members have contributed to the development of this document. Note: for draft documents, this list may change prior to publication.

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