Europe 2020


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At this meetup, we’ll feature two presenters talking about the challenges of measuring aspects of the streaming workflow and experience. After the presentations, we will play some trivia with questions pertaining to the STREAMup topic (Measurement), theme (Star Trek), and the Streaming Video Alliance. After that, we’ll head to the “bar” for some fun, 8-bit virtual socializing (trust us, it’s awesome).


Our last meeting up 2020 was a well-attended and informative event. We had two great presentations, one from Brenton Ough (Co-Founder/CEO of Touchstream) who talked about best practices for monitoring CDN performance, availability, etc., and one from Ken Haren (Product Manager at Telestream) who gave a cool demo about setting up end-to-end monitoring in the cloud. Trivia was challenging, to say the least. We had quite a few Star Trek buffs but when it came to the measurement questions, some trick choices stumped the best of them. And when it was all finished, we had some quality socializing time in Gather.


This STREAMup was held on November 17, 2020 from 4:30pm until 6:00pm (GMT).


The topic for this STREAMup was The topic for this meeting is measurement. As the streaming workflow has grown in complexity and devices have become more fragmented, it has become clear that having both a high-level view of streaming performance and granular details about individual user sessions and workflow components is very difficult. The presenters in this STREAMup will detail a challenge they faced with measuring some aspect of streaming, whether within the workflow or at the player, and how they solved it..


Opening Presentation


In this opening presentation at the 2020 Europe STREAMup, Executive Director of the Streaming Video Alliance, Jason Thibeault, provides a general introduction to the event and an overview of the Streaming Video Alliance.

Presented by Jason Thibeault

Top 5 Elements for Effective CDN Monitoring


In this presentation, Brenton Ough Co-Founder and CEO of Touchstream, talks about how to better monitor CDNs including performance, reliability, and more.

Presented by Brenton Ough

End-to-End Cloud Monitoring


In this presentation, Ken Haren, Director of Product Management at Telestream, talks about end-to-end cloud monitoring and demonstrates how to setup a stream for monitoring using the Telestream system.

Presented by Ken Haren

Photo Gallery

Photos are not yet available for this meetup but will be posted soon.

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