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June 1, 2020

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February 18, 2022
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Problem Statement

This document will look at XR use cases prevalent in both the Entertainment and Enterprise sectors and examine some of the technologies being leveraged as enablers today. It will outline the different aspects of XR, examine deployment at scale, best practices to adoption and potential challenges that a content owner or infrastructure provider may face. The document will conclude with a positioning statement and some helpful recommendations for companies or infrastructure providers pursuing XR technologies.

Project Description

XR is already being used by Studios and Broadcasters as an effective way to generate PR and augment marketing programs related to motion picture releases and television series, but as XR evolves, producers are beginning to extend the creative boundaries by producing full length XR content and adding a live audience experiences. XR is also moving beyond the content delivery experience and adding value at multiple points throughout the video production pipeline. XR functionality “On The Stage” allows performers to be inserted into any location and interact with an array of physical or virtual objects within that location during the production process. Particularly important during the COVID pandemic. Live content (sports and concerts) is one such example. Even prior to COVID, premium sporting events were only accessible by the lucky few that had access to tickets and while many people are happy to watch these games on TV or through social media, there is a growing audience for XR sporting content. As more and more early adopters are “signing in” and the technology improves to the point where the resolution is good enough to capture the excitement of live sports, many sports leagues are betting on an XR experience becoming the new normal, bringing fans closer to the game, even if they’re physically distant. Gaming is another entertainment vertical that is being truly revolutionized through XR.

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Date Plublished: 02/18/2022

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SVTA1025: eXtended Reality (XR) Brief

Extended Reality (XR) is becoming deeply ingrained in the consumer entertainment space and represents an interesting opportunity to provide immersive video experiences for the creators of premium entertainment and gaming content. This document looks at the XR use cases that are currently being deployed in both the entertainment and enterprise sectors and examines some of the technologies being leveraged today.

Goals and Objectives

This project has the following objectives and goals:
  1. Define XR and its component “realities”
  2. Examine current XR trends, user cases, markets and adoption
  3. Provide a succinct overview of XR content, technology & Infrastructures
  4. Explore XR deployment approaches and the current barriers to implementation at scale
  5. Establish and advocate the SVA’s position on XR
  6. Inform and Educate through Thought Leadership

Project Scope

This document will address:
  • Use Cases for XR Entertainment
  • User Cases for XR in Enterprise Deployments
  • XR Technologies and Scale
  • Devices and Wearables
  • Key XR features for Media and Entertainment.
  • Toolsets and Opensource
  • Scaling XR at the Operator Edge
  • Boosting Speed and Low Latency Connectivity with 5G
  • Deployment and Best Practices
  • Challenges to Adoption and Growth
  • Summary, Recommendations, and a Positioning Statement
  This document will NOT address:
  • Potential business models and the fiscal impact of XR services for Content Creators or Infrastructure Providers


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