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September 24, 2020

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March 31, 2021
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Problem Statement

The Home Storage Open Caching Node (HS-OCN) extends content delivery components into the home further improving QoE and unlocking UHD experiences for all. The project will produce functional and interface specifications for interoperability so that the HS-OCN can be hosted on any device with storage in the home.

Project Description

The Home Storage Open Caching Node (HS-OCN) project adds functionality to the open caching system to further improve quality of experience (QoE) on networks with last mile challenges including speed limits (e.g. low speed DSL), usage limits (e.g. wireless), and last mile congestion (e.g. COVID quarantine). In the United States, almost 20 million households still have DSL or wireless Internet service. This number is larger worldwide. By leveraging storage in the home, end-users can have experiences with fewer rebuffer events, faster start times, and higher visual quality including UHD. At the same time as the QoE is improved, the amount of content which can be viewed is increased because the operator can reduce the peak period usage.

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Goals and Objectives

This project has the following objectives:
  • HGW-OCN Specification provides requirements of HGW-OCN for interoperability
  • Metadata API Updates provides performance related updates for functionality
  • Provisioning API updates provides configuration related updates
  • Proof of Concept puts this capability into action for validation

Project Scope

This project WILL ADDRESS:
  • Storage of content within the home. This use case will cover all device types (PCs, mobile, and OTT) and several workflows including Video-on-Demand (VOD), software downloads, and live streaming. The HGW-OCN can uniquely address the living room use cases while also improving PC and mobile device experience.
This project WILL NOT ADDRESS:
  • Download-to-Go. This is a complementary use-case to home storage for mobile devices but would extend the project outside the home. Download-to-go will be addressed in a separate project.


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