Open Caching Testbed

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August 1, 2021

Estimated Completion:

July 31, 2022

Problem Statement

Open Caching systems cover a huge amount of functionalities and options that makes it challenging for new members to afford a development. Testbed provides a testing shared environment that grows along with the new OC specifications and permits members to start an OC development from scratch, along with specifications validation and Interoperability tests.

Project Description

Open Caching WG work has set a clear path to cover specification gaps during last year (Configuration API & Capacity API subgroups i.e.) and the new Open Caching API Implementation Guideline document is the foundation that defines steps to build up an Open Caching System from scratch . But an Open Caching architecture depends on multiple systems typically from different companies (Content Provider <> Commercial CDNs <> Service Providers), so creating a new system for a role depends on other members to be validated.   Testbed initiative provides a joint effort from different members to set up a testing environment that grows along with the OC API Implementation Guidelines document. This permits multiple simultaneous implementation works, interoperability testing and specifications validation. Also it will permit members to start new implementations and testing them with already validated systems.

Project Type

Proof of Concept

Project Leads


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Goals and Objectives

The objectives of this proof-of-concept are:
  • Demonstrate Open Caching operate
  • Demonstrate Open Caching APIs interoperating among different Content Providers, CDNs, and Service Provider systems
  • Validate Streaming Video Alliance Open Caching extensions and specifications.
  • To have several Open Caching implementations for help with IETF adoption.
  • Attract more companies to Open Caching and the Streaming Video Alliance ecosystem.

Project Scope

The project will:
  • set up a shared distributed testbed environment with elements from different members and Open Caching roles.
  • set up a testbed governance which permits members to agree with test plans and execution times.
  • expand with new functionalities along with the Open Caching APIs Implementation Guideline document as agreed in the Open Caching working group meetings.
This project will not:
  • Run 24/7/365. A schedule of testbed availability will be provided to Alliance members.
  • Be available to non-Alliance members.


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