QUIC/HTTP3 Testing and Evaluation Environment PoC

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January 1, 2022

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March 31, 2024
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Problem Statement

The release of the new IETF QUIC transport protocol and the updated HTTP/3 which runs over it promises potential performance improvements for video delivery using it. However, since QUIC is built on UDP and not TCP, the traditional tools and analytics used to evaluate video streaming delivery protocols are not directly applicable. This PoC will evaluate the testing approach best suited for evaluating QUIC as a streaming video delivery pipeline and will document the how, what, and why, of creating a reproducible evaluation framework for QUIC against current HTTP/2 TCP delivery pipelines.

Project Description

As discussed in the SVTA Tech Brief on QUIC the new QUIC transport from the IETF has the potential to deliver new performance gainst to the streaming video industry. Evaluating QUIC’s claims is difficult due to its underlying technology being different from the HTTP/2 used across the industry currently. This QUIC PoC will build and document though a series of papers a reference QUIC evaluation framework to that can serve as a template for others to perform a thorough exploration of QUIC in their own delivery environments.

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Proof of Concept

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Goals and Objectives

Project Scope

This project is about designing and building a test environment. While basic evaluation of QUIC in this environment will be conducted and published, this is exercise will not be an exhaustive comparison of HTTP/3 versus HTTP/2. The intention is to publish a reproducible test environment that CDNs and content services themselves in turn can use in conducting their own evaluation of QUIC.


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