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Steve Heffernan


Why Did MUX Join the Streaming Video Technology Alliance?

Among SVTA members, Mux is a relatively small and young company, but we’re proud to have had a significant impact on open source, community, and standards for video. Our team has created projects like Video.js, Demuxed, and Media Chrome, and we’ve helped get several standards across the line. We’re excited to join the SVTA and collaborate with all of the other great member companies to openly push streaming technology forward. Many of the SVTA members are Mux customers, so joining the SVTA is also an opportunity for us to improve our own products by more deeply learning about the problems our industry is facing.

What Do You Believe is the Biggest Technical Challenge Facing the Streaming Video Industry the SVTA Can Help Address?

Video has the potential to be as ubiquitous as static images and text on the internet, but it’s still too hard and too expensive in comparison, preventing more websites and applications from integrating video. This might be too general of an answer, but the SVTA can have an impact on both, focusing on the friction points that prevent more companies from adopting new streaming technologies, while also continuing to push on how streaming video can get more efficient.

How Does an Organization Like the SVTA Bring Value to the Industry?

The SVTA sits in a unique place in our industry where it can be a safe zone for technologists to share ideas and solutions. We all face many of the same problems, and we’re better off working together to solve them rather than each reinventing the same wheel.

Steve Heffernan



Mux makes tools and APIs for engineers building video, because we’ve been there and we wanted better tools. Our streaming observability product is used on the largest live events in the world (that we’re still not allowed to say by name), and our streaming API is the video infrastructure behind many of your favorite social apps, like Strava and Patreon.

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