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Cassidy Phillips

Lead Solutions Architect

Why Did swXtch.io Join the Streaming Video Technology Alliance?

Several reasons compelled us to become a Streaming Video Technology Alliance member. I am familiar with the value that the organization brings to the media and entertainment industry through previous endeavors with SVTA members, such as Geeter Kyrazis, our Chief Strategy Officer. The SVTA continues to make progress when it comes to communicating the importance of developing and adopting streaming video standards, and bringing the industry together to solve technical challenges through education and action.

swXtch.io excels in moving media workflows with large data volumes to the cloud, and video streaming is an important part of what we do. We will bring a unique perspective to the conversation as we collaborate with other SVTA members to drive standards development and adoption.

What Do You Believe is the Biggest Technical Challenge Facing the Streaming Video Industry the SVTA Can Help Address?

We talk to many professionals in the media and entertainment industry that want to better understand how to leverage the cloud to optimize existing operations, and how to navigate through the many options available to them, particularly when it comes to distributing streaming media content and live production.

We see many opportunities to make this a reality, from a reduction in existing infrastructure to introducing more dynamic elements to the network. For the former, that means removing older equipment that cannot scale with the business. For the latter, it means providing more specific or personalized content for each viewer. For examples, things like dynamic ad insertion and AI technologies.

We look forward to working with the SVTA and its members around issues like SMPTE ST 2110 uncompressed transport, multicast, PTP synchronization and other technologies that will help businesses move media workflows throughout the cloud and onto more end points. All of these issues will have a significant impact on streaming video delivery in the cloud.

How Does an Organization Like the SVTA Bring Value to the Industry?

We are strong believers in standards development bodies whose mission is to bring different companies together to solve problems and move industries forward through interoperability and cohesion. Our experience working with organizations like SMPTE demonstrate the value and benefits of such efforts. The SVTA has made exceptional progress bringing different voices to the table to share ideas and develop best practices that will ultimately improve cross-vendor interoperability as well as streaming video experiences for consumers.

Cassidy Phillips

Lead Solutions Architect


swXtch.io brings advanced capabilities to traditional cloud networking environments so companies in media, finance, and manufacturing can migrate their most demanding and mission-critical workflows to the cloud. The groundbreaking cloudSwXtch technology enables mission critical capabilities such as multicast, ground-to-cloud bridging, protocol translation and fanout, and network path redundancy to all the major public clouds. swXtch.io is the latest innovation from IEX Group, Inc., a New York-based technology company and stock exchange operator known for leveling the playing field.

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