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Michael Demb

VP Product Strategy

Why Did TAG Video Systems Join the Streaming Video Technology Alliance?

TAG believes that the future of video distribution lies in streaming technology, and that the SVTA is a key enabler of highly productive collaborations within this field. TAG Video Systems joined the SVTA with the intention of collaborating alongside other vendors and customers to collectively shape the future of streaming video technology. By being part of this alliance, TAG seeks to contribute its expertise to the development of recommendations for streaming video workflows, while also learning about the emerging demands for improved quality and lower latency. Moreover, TAG recognizes the value of connecting with industry-leading customers within the alliance, striving to better understand their challenges in streaming technology and aligning with their future goals.

What Do You Believe is the Biggest Technical Challenge Facing the Streaming Video Industry the SVTA Can Help Address?

We believe that the biggest technical challenge facing the streaming video industry revolves around the scale of operations and the resultant volume of streams that operators need to manage. Additionally the increasing demand for higher quality and lower latency in streaming content delivery is a continuous challenge the industry is facing and will continue to address as the pace of change is accelerating. We are also seeing the ongoing need to adjust operations to accommodate evolving business models in the streaming landscape. The Alliance can play a crucial role in addressing these challenges by fostering collaboration among its members around solutions for optimized workflows and discussing emerging technologies like AI-driven workflows.

How Does an Organization Like the SVTA Bring Value to the Industry?

An organization like the SVTA brings immense value to the industry through several key avenues. Firstly, it fosters unlikely collaborations between vendors, including competitors, facilitating a unique environment where diverse perspectives and expertise converge to tackle common challenges. The focused working groups within the Alliance address specific issues in streaming technology, providing a platform for leading companies to collaboratively develop more innovative and effective solutions. Importantly, these groups incorporate perspectives from both vendors and users, ensuring that solutions are not only technically sound but also aligned with real-world needs and experiences.

Moreover, the SVTA’s emphasis on technology, free from commercial considerations, allows for a deep dive into pressing technical issues. This focused approach is essential for pushing the industry forward, driving advancements in streaming technology that benefit all stakeholders.

Additionally, the SVTA plays a crucial role in filling a void created by the rapid and accelerating development in streaming technology. By serving as a central hub for knowledge exchange and collaboration, the alliance enables the industry to stay abreast of the latest developments and preserve valuable expertise. In doing so, it helps ensure that the industry can adapt to new technologies and challenges effectively, maintaining its pace of innovation and growth.

Michael Demb

VP Product Strategy

Paul Briscoe

Chief Architect


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