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Barry Owen

Chief Solutions Architect

Why Did Wowza Join the Streaming Video Technology Alliance?

Wowza has long been at the forefront of video streaming technology and trends. We were among the early pioneers in streaming video and have continued to engage in thought leadership as the industry expands. A big part of that is recognizing the importance of organizations like the SVTA in promoting collaboration and innovation for the betterment of individual companies, the customers they serve, and the technology that underlies their products. That’s why Wowza first jointed the SVTA (then known as SVA) back in 2015, just a year after its initial founding. Having done so, we can share knowledge and experiences with like-minded professionals, keep abreast of innovations, and use what we learn to improve industry outcomes, customer experiences, and best practices.

What Do You Believe is the Biggest Technical Challenge Facing the Streaming Video Industry the SVTA Can Help Address?

We see three main challenges facing the streaming video industry today: interoperability, customer expectations, and rapid change. As for the former, there are very few streaming providers and services that do not rely on at least a handful of partners to fulfill some part of their service delivery. As such, it’s essential that their offerings be interoperable if they want to maintain reliability, scalability, and efficiency.

Then there’s the question of customer expectations, which are growing in significance as more and more viewers make the move from traditional broadcast television to IP based streaming. These viewers are expecting an experience that is as good as if not better than what they had before, and as they grow, they increase the need on the part of the streaming provider for improved scalability, latency, and quality. This growth in viewership also presents new challenges where personalization and advertising come into play.

Finally, there’s the rapid change the streaming video industry continues to experience. Realistically, streaming video only dates back to the 1990s, and yet it has become a fundamental part of how people consume media at home and on the move. It’s not slowing down as areas such as OTT, FAST, UGC, and AI are generating a great deal of interest and presenting as many new challenges as they are opportunities to improve the customer experience.

It’s worth noting that these challenges do not exist in a vacuum. Rapid growth in the industry will help us devise better ways to serve growing viewership, and the interoperable nature of streaming services will make it easier to take advantage of new technology. The SVTA and its members can work together to formulate best practices and open standards for developing innovate solutions to all of these challenges independently and in concert with one another.

How Does an Organization Like the SVTA Bring Value to the Industry?

The SVTA provides a forum for cooperative discussion among industry leaders. This in turn facilitates the sharing of new ideas and innovations in a non-competitive atmosphere. By building bridges between vendors, the SVTA promotes increased interoperability, which can only benefit vendors and customers alike.
Of course this sort of neutral discussion does more than just boost individual platforms. It’s an opportunity to educate and collaborate in a way that moves the industry forward. By creating open standards and recommendations, the SVTA can make streaming video more approachable for individuals and the companies that serve them.

Long story short, customers benefit from industry collaboration and growth. The SVTA provides the space for this environment to grow.

Barry Owen

Chief Solutions Architect


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