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Barry Owen

Chief Solutions Architect

Why Did Wowza Originally Join the Streaming Video Technology Alliance?

Wowza has long been at the forefront of video streaming technology and trends. We were among the early pioneers in streaming video and have continued to engage in thought leadership as the industry expands. A big part of that is recognizing the importance of organizations like the SVTA in promoting collaboration and innovation for the betterment of individual companies, the customers they serve, and the technology that underlies their products. That is why Wowza first joined the SVTA (then known as SVA) back in 2015, just a year after its initial founding. Having done so, we can share knowledge and experiences with like-minded professionals, keep abreast of innovations, and use what we learn to improve industry outcomes, customer experiences, and best practices.

Over The Past 10 Years, How Has The SVTA Consistently Met The Needs of The Streaming Video Industry?

When the SVTA was first formed there was no organization dedicated to looking at challenges across all aspects of the streaming value chain. The SVTA was able to bring a diverse group of companies together and create an open forum where they can work together to identify current challenges, create working groups to derive potential solutions and collaborate on best practices.

That collaboration has been a cornerstone of the SVTA’s success. By fostering collaboration and partnerships among industry players, the SVTA has created opportunities for knowledge exchange, resource sharing, and collective problem-solving, leading to greater innovation and progress in the streaming video ecosystem.

Recognizing the importance of education and training in fostering industry growth and expertise, the SVTA has organized webinars, conferences, and training programs to educate industry professionals about best practices, emerging trends, and innovative technologies in streaming video. By providing access to resources such as the publications library, an industry wiki and the SVTA University, the SVTA has empowered professionals to stay ahead of the curve and excel in their roles.

What Do You Feel Are The Major Challenges Still To Be Tackled In The Streaming Industry And How Do You Feel The SVTA Can Help In The Years To Come?

While there is no shortage of challenges facing the streaming industry today, there are a few that are top of mind, many of which are interrelated in some way.

Interoperability is an ongoing challenge that the SVTA has already taken many steps toward addressing, but in an ever-changing industry, we need to keep pushing forward in this area. Continuing to support standards like Open Caching, CMCD and CMSD will allow for platforms to have consistent performance and analytics across multiple partners which will create a better experience for viewers. The SVTA can help to create better standards in areas such as metadata and federated search which can vastly improve not only the end-user experience but also create more consistent revenue through more relevant and targeted advertising and monetization experiences.

The growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in streaming technologies presents both opportunities and challenges for the industry. Can AI help us optimize video encoding and delivery; can we begin to use AI to create unique just in time advertising? While AI-powered metadata enhancement, content recommendation systems and personalized experiences can enhance user engagement and satisfaction, they also raise concerns about privacy, content provenance, and algorithmic bias. By fostering collaboration among industry stakeholders and promoting responsible AI development and deployment, the SVTA can ensure that AI technologies in streaming are used responsibly and ethically to benefit platforms and consumers alike.

Through collaboration, education, and advocacy, the SVTA and its members can work together to formulate best practices and open standards for developing innovative solutions to these challenges and drive innovation and growth in the streaming ecosystem.

What Has Been Your Most Memorable/Rewarding Experience As An SVTA Member?

As a long-time SVTA member, it has been a wonderful experience to see the organization grow and build a highly engaged community of experts who are committed to openly collaborating to make streaming better. The knowledge gained and the connections made from being an SVTA member are of great benefit to Wowza and our customers.

What Advice Would You Give Someone Considering Joining The SVTA?

The SVTA benefits from perspectives from all aspects of the streaming community’s ecosystem – the more diverse the membership the more effective the recommendations and best practices will be. Joining the SVTA will give your company a chance to participate with industry peers in an open exchange of ideas and challenges and present an opportunity to collaborate to move the industry as a whole forward.

Barry Owen

Chief Solutions Architect

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