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August 1, 2020

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December 31, 2024

Problem Statement

Technical information about streaming video (standards, specs, terminology, companies, people) are scattered around the web. There is no single source. The goal is to utilize an easily accessible online format (Wiki) to collate information relevant to streaming video technology. Without a definitive source of streaming terminology, it is difficult to gain consensus on technical challenges resulting from miscommunication. Additionally, some existing terminology may be offensive to minority groups.

Project Description

Although there are many sources of streaming video technical information (glossaries, blogs, specs, standards, etc.), there is no single source collecting all that information. This can create challenges for people looking for technical information and, more so, a challenge for people communicating about technologies. A single, authoritative source of industry terms and definitions, for example, is a foundation upon which to describe technologies, processes, and other elements of the streaming workflow. The SVTA Streaming Video Wiki is intended to solve this challenge by collecting information, such as terms, from working groups, scrubbing for offensive language (i.e., terms that may promote or contribute to the marginalizing of diverse groups), and publishing. Additional content, such as specs, standards, people, technologies, and more, can be contributed both by SVTA member companies and non-members.

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Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the Streaming Video Wiki are:
  • Develop a comprehensive list of streaming industry glossary terms and definitions
  • Develop a comprehensive list of key streaming video technologies such as protocols, codecs, architecture, and more
  • Develop a comprehensive list of specs, standards, best practices, and other documentation produced by organizations
  • Develop a comprehensive list of open-source components and technologies
  • Create a website as the primary means to navigate and access the content (wiki)
  • Remove offensive language from terms, definitions, and other content

Project Scope

The SVTA Streaming Video Wiki project WILL:
  • Identify a list of terminology relevant to the streaming video industry
  • Identify sources of information, such as protocols, standards, and specifications, that should be included
  • In the case of multiple terms for a single concept, recommend the adoption of one term
  • In the case of multiple sources of information, recommend how to combine the information into a single entry
  • Ensure that there is no offensive language in either the terms, definitions, or other content
  • Develop a website to allow for easy searching and consumption of glossary terms, definitions, and other relevant content
The Streaming Video Wiki will NOT:
  • Rewrite adequate definitions or other sources of established content available in other locations (i.e., Wikipedia). Rather, this content will be referenced as source material.


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