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Security and protection of video content, as well as subscriber data, is a top priority for content owners, aggregators and distributors across the streaming media value chain. Breaches in security can not only undermine subscriber trust and confidence, but threaten revenue as well. The Privacy and Protection Working Group is focused on defining a variety of content and service-level entitlements that are implemented by the programmer or operator and enforced within the network or client to impose content and network usage rules as well as best practices on handling privacy of consumer information related to streaming video.


The Streaming Video Technology Alliance Privacy and Protection Working Group has three objectives. First, to identify critical data elements to collect for subscription-based online streaming video services; second, to describe the different methods by which to safeguard this data during storage and usage; and third, to define best practices for safeguarding video content from unauthorized access or theft.


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Carlsbad F2F: Privacy and Protection WG Slides


Presented by Kei Foo

Presented by Mike Wilkinson

Costs of Piracy (SVA Lisbon)


Presented by Lawrence Low

History of Piracy


Presented by Kei Foo

Presented by Mike Wilkinson

Licensing: Setting the Protection Bar


Presented by Andy Lucas

Presented by Arthur Cuyugan

Privacy and Protection WG Session


Presented by Kei Foo

Presented by Mike Wilkinson

Current Issues in Content Security


Presented by Alex Lee

Privacy Working Group Session


Presented by Kei Foo

Presented by Mike Wilkinson

Challenges and Concerns with VPN Use by Residential Customers


Presented by Brian Paxton

State of Video Piracy


Presented by Rodrigo Fernandes

Presented by Molly Belson

Presented by Norbert van der Laan

Secure the CDN


Presented by Jon Herd

Securing Streaming Media Paper Update


Presented by Matt Tooley

Sky Security Overview


Presented by Kieron Edwards

Watermark Scalability


Presented by Jaap Haitsma

Presented by Jean-Philippe Plantevin

Watermarking Latency


Presented by Alain Durand

Survey of Streaming Security Threats


Presented by Brian Paxton

Privacy Working Group OTT Streaming Security Checklist


Presented by Brian Paxton

Presented by Kei Foo

Presented by Mike Wilkinson

Privacy Working Group CDN Protection Best Practices


Presented by Brian Paxton

Presented by Kei Foo

Presented by Mike Wilkinson

Privacy Working Group Session Presentation


Presented by Brian Paxton

Presented by Kei Foo

Presented by Ken Gerstein

Presented by Mike Wilkinson



SVTA5009: Forensic Watermarking Implementation Considerations for Streaming Media

The piracy of online video content is a significant issue for content owners and distributors. This document explains the technology of watermarking and how it can be employed, in various methods, to secure video against theft.

SVTA5019: Securing Streaming Video

The ability to prevent piracy, take down illegal content, and act against illegal sources are key objectives of content protection. Meeting these objectives requires the use of a variety of technologies including watermarking, Digital Rights Management (DRM), fingerprinting, and cryptography. This document examines and discusses the streaming video system to provide best practices for protecting and securing streaming video content for both content providers and distributors to ensure content is being used as intended by those who it was intended.

SVTA5054: Securing Media Players

This document identifies the vulnerability points inherent in streaming video players and proposes some of the industry best practices to ensure content is protected while not impeding viewer access or a high-quality viewing experience.


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