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Testing QUIC Against TCP for Streaming Video Delivery: An SVTA Proof-of-Concept

We believe that, at least on paper, QUIC promises to improve the user experience when consuming high value content delivered from the CSP or CDN edge and could help cultivate additional value for consumers and revenue for content owners. CSP’s and Public CDN’s also cannot wait for QUIC to become ubiquitous in other on-line applications before deciding whether to experiment – the time to learn is “now”. Based on that hypothesis, the main purpose behind this PoC is to validate some of the assumptions related to QUIC within the context of streaming media, and to illustrate how the protocol could be leveraged in existing or new OTT platforms. Additionally, this PoC will establish best practices for organizations that are contemplating their own QUIC implementation, allowing them to assess the effort required and the overall impact of delivering a QUIC-based streaming service.

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Glenn Deen

Glenn is a Comcast Distinguished Engineer & NBCUniversal Sr. Director, Networking & Distribution Technology

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