West Coast 2021


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Encoding is a complicated and thorny topic within streaming. There are many different opinions and how to optimize encoding, decoding, and transcoding to improve required bandwidth of high-quality delivery. Unfortunately, much of encoding is a black box with carefully guarded secrets of how to best tune and tweak algorithms, profiles, and more. In this STREAMup, encoding experts Jan DeCock (Synamedia) and Xavier Ducloux (Harmonic) presented on the hottest topics in encoding and spurred some very interesting discussions.


This STREAMup was held on August 31, 2021 from 12:00pm until 1:30pm (PST).


The topic for this STREAMup was encoding.


New Codecs and Standards: VVC, AV1 and Beyond


Presented by Jan De Cock

Super Resolution: Application of AI for Smarter Upscaling


Presented by Xavier Ducloux

Welcome and SVA Update


Presented by Jason Thibeault

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Photos are not yet available for this meetup but will be posted soon.

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