Streaming Advertising 101

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September 1, 2021

Estimated Completion:

March 31, 2023

Problem Statement

The Streaming Advertising 101 project will create a detailed document that can be used as a comprehensive learning guide for anyone who wants to understand how streaming advertising works from a technical perspective.

Project Description

Companies in the business of creating and/or streaming content to viewers will inevitably need to address how to best monetize their effort. Advertising is one of the most popular methods to monetize streaming, yet it comes with a host of complexities that, if not done right, could not only leave money on the table but can also negatively impact the viewer experience. Understanding the technical basics of how advertising works in streaming is just as important has understanding the basics of streaming technology itself for those companies looking to monetize their content with ads. This Streaming Advertising 101 project is focused on the creation of a detailed document that provides a learning guide for anyone who wants to understand how streaming advertising works from a technical perspective. The output of this project will be used to create a new self-lead certified training course that will be one of the inaugural classes offered in the new SVTA University, set to launch in the first half of 2023.

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Goals and Objectives

The primary objectives for the Streaming Advertising 101 project are:
  • Creation of a document that can be used to provide a common understanding of digital advertising and the common technology and workflows used.
  • Create the content in a way that it can fit in the SVTA University LMS and courseware system.
Secondary objectives include:
  • Provide context for the earlier SVTA Advertising Working Group documents – for example, why is our End-to-End Ad Monitoring best practices an important document and what systems should it cover?
  • Identify trends and issues that could set context for future SVTA Advertising Working Group initiatives.
  • Lay groundwork for more advanced learning courseware around streaming advertising.
  • Update the Advertising related terms and diagrams in the SVTA Streaming Industry References Wiki

Project Scope

Primary focus for the Streaming Advertising 101 project will center on creation of the content for the following areas of the learning guide:
  • Introduction to Advertising
    • Who are the players and what are their objectives?
    • Streaming advertising: How we got here
    • How streaming ads are bought and sold
  • Streaming Advertising Technology
    • Typical ad tech components
    • Reference architecture
  • How ads get inserted into Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streams
    • Phases of an ad campaign
    • Ad Insertion basics
    • Ad insertion dataflow
    • Ad insertion methods: CSAI, SSAI, SGAI
    • Ad insertion differences: VOD vs. Live/Linear streams
    • Ad break signaling and ad avails
    • Targeting & Measurement
  • Key Considerations
    • Monitoring and performance
    • End user experience
    • New ad formats
    • Data and privacy
A secondary, and related, focus will be to update the SVTA Industry References wiki page with advertising related terms, definitions, and diagrams.


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Additional References

Streaming 101, a companion inaugural SVTA University course scheduled to launch around the same time as Streaming Advertising 101 would be a very helpful reference for people to engage with before starting this course.


The following presentations delivered during Advertising working group sessions may provide additional information about this project.