History, Growth and Tourist Attractions In Dubai

Dubai’s History

Dubai has changed dramatically in the last 50 years; however, it has a rich history and heritage that dates back to ancient times. According to archaeological evidence, the first human settlement in Dubai was approximately 3000 BC. From the third to the seventh-century AD, the area was under the control of the Sassanid Empire. Afterwards, the Umayyad Caliphate took control of the area and introduced Islam. For thousands of years, the inhabitants of the area took to fishing and pearl diving to sustain themselves. In the sixteenth century, Europeans began taking interest in the region’s trade and traffic routes.

Impact of Oil

The major defining moment in Dubai’s fortunes and history was the finding of large oil deposits in Dubai’s Fateh Oilfield in 1966. Together with the merging of Dubai and the newly autonomous state of Qatar to form a new legal tender, the Riyal, it made it possible for Dubai to grow rapidly and expand. Since the first oil shipment in 1969, Dubai’s economy has never looked back. As a wealthy autonomous state, Dubai can dictate policy to the United Arab Emirates.

sheikh_mohammed-rashidSheikh Rashid used the oil revenues to spur massive infrastructure development in Dubai. Roads, hospitals, schools, hotels, modern telecommunications network and many other development projects began sprouting at a frantic pace. Oil revenues facilitated the construction of a new terminal building and port, a runway that could accommodate any aircraft, a free zone around the port, and the largest man-made harbor in the world.

Dubai’s formula for development was a combination of high–quality infrastructure, visionary leadership, zero tax on corporate and personal income, an expatriate–friendly environment, and low import duties. The result was that Dubai quickly became a tourism and business hub for a region that stretches from the Indian sub–continent to Egypt and from the CIS countries to South Africa.

Plans for Development

Dubai-topDubai boasts unparalleled hotels, world–class sporting and entertainment events, and remarkable architecture. Unlike Riyadh, Dubai would continue to excel in a world that no longer needs oil since trade in the region would continue to grow because Dubai was a major commercial center long before oil production existed. Despite the constant turmoil over the cost of oil, many people consider Dubai to be the Hong Kong of the Middle East. However, Dubai may have to put into action various policies that encourage localization and deviate from globalization to provide jobs to citizens of the UAE instead of foreigners, conserve their energy reserves, and maintain their local administrative authority.

Top Tourist Attractions in Dubai

1. Burj Al Arab

Dubai offers a wealth of exceptional tourist attractions, resulting from the large–scale construction boom. Tourists planning Dubai holidays should make a point of visiting the magnificent Burj Al Arab, which is the world’s only seven–star hotel. Designed to look like a billowing sail, the hotel rises to a height of 321 meters and is the 4th tallest hotel in the world. No visit to Dubai would be complete without visiting or at least seeing this iconic symbol of Dubai.

2. Burj Khalifa

khalifa1The Burj Khalifa is the tallest and most exceptional building on earth and is an astonishing achievement in engineering. This 2,722-ft tower boasts the highest viewing platform in the world, and the high point of any visit to this amazing building is the view from the top. Throughout the journey from the lower ground level, visitors enjoy a multi–media presentation of the rich history of Dubai and the wonder that is the Burj Khalifa.

3. The Dubai Fountains

Located at the foot of the world’s tallest building is the largest performing fountain in the world, the Dubai Fountains. Set on the Burj Khalifa Lake, a 30–acre artificial lake, the Dubai Fountains shoot water jets to a height of 500 ft, which is equivalent to the height of a 50–storey building. The fountain has two central arcs, five circles of varying sizes, and is 900 ft long. Over 25-color projectors and 6,600 WET Superlights create a visual display of more than a thousand abstract attractions.

4. Dubai Palm Island

sky-diveAs the name suggests, the palm island resembles a palm tree. While most islands are famous for their natural beauty, the Palm Jumeirah is a true feat of engineering. This mega project is so large that it has changes the ecology in ways that will only become clear in many years to come. This exceptional and unique holiday destination offers a wide variety of entertainment, relaxation and leisure opportunities.

Dubai offers many more tourist attractions including the majestic Atlantis Hotel, Global Village, Dubai Creek, Wild Wadi, Dubai Marina, and Ski Dubai, the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East.

Experience Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabo coast lineAbu Dhabi is an exciting and wondrous place to visit. It is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates and is the second most populated city there. It features a population of over nine hundred thousand residents, and since its early roots, it has grown into a thriving cosmopolitan metropolis. This is owed to the rapid urbanization and development of the country, as well as the high average income of the population when compared to the rest of the world. The city is famous for being a cultural and commercial center, and it generates over half of the average income for the United Arab Emirates itself. Being one of the world’s richest and largest producers of oil, the city strives to diversify its economy through tourist investments. Hotels in Abu Dhabi are often one of a kind and can provide a memorable experience for individuals who are interested in visiting the stunning city.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand MosqueAs can be expected of a location of such a rich and culturally powerful heritage, there are numerous points of interest that are worth seeing when you visit the stunning land. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque perhaps tops the list as a must see in the city. The structure is grand and architecturally gorgeous, and is a sure way to experience the local culture in a powerfully representing building. If you want to further experience the local modern culture, it is highly recommended for you to visit the Emirates National Auto Museum. This museum exhibits an enormous suite that contains over two hundred cars and, though the museum itself is not a national museum, it is a gorgeous car collection exhibition that showcases numerous state of the art vehicles.

If you would rather experience more of the local natural environment, the city features many beautiful beaches, each of which are guaranteed to provide a relaxing and memorable experience. The main beach of the city is directly in front of the Abu Dhabi Corniche, which, itself features gorgeous murals and enjoyable vistas. The length of the beach stretches for eight kilometers with a beautiful waterfront, and a wide variety of different shops and stands, including a children’s play area for your children to enjoy.

the interior of the Marina MallIf you are more interested in the shopping experiences that can be readily enjoyed in the city, it is highly recommended to visit the Marina Mall. Moving right past the Abu Dhabi Corniche, you will see the enormous mall, with the enormous tower beside it. There are numerous different shops and stores that can be seen through the mall, sure to entice the shopaholic in you. Another mall to look into is the Abu Dhabi Mall, which is one of the city’s most renowned shopping centers. It is located adjacent to the Beach Rotana Hotel, and features as many social gathering locations as it does stores.

If you would rather enjoy some of the relaxing and sporty opportunities in the city, it is highly recommended to look into the Abu Dhabi Golf Club. This location features breathtaking scenery and exciting courses for all golf enthusiasts. Another highlight of the city is the Ice Rink, which can allow for a more romantic and exciting experience to be enjoyed by the prospective tourists.

Hotels in Abu Dhabi are all visually attractive and properly equipped to provide local travelers with all of the necessities when it comes to enjoying a stay at the city, whether long or short term. It is highly recommended for individuals to look into all of the local hotel options to see which ones are closest to the attractions that they would like to see. If you plan on spending more time on the beach than in the center of the city, you will want to find a hotel that will represent your choice best.

Emirates Palace is one of the most widely recommended hotels to book for an enjoyable stay in the city. This hotel features a breathtaking view of the nearby water, as well as luxurious suites and units for all tastes and budgets. With luxury spa locations and delightful dining options, this is one hotel that comes highly recommended. Another hotel that is definitely worth looking into is the Park Rotana Hotel. Whereas the Emirates Palace features a more traditional design, the Park Rotana integrates a contemporary decor, providing state of the art modern furnishings for all residential and business bookings. With exciting sporting areas and numerous culinary locations that simply cannot be beat, this hotel comes highly recommended for the the business class traveler.

Discover Mauritus On Your Honeymoon

the beachMauritius is an enchanting island located in the beautiful Indian ocean just south of the African continent. The island is just a baby geographically at about 8 million years old and formed by under sea volcanic activity. There are no active volcanoes on Mauritius which has not produced any volcanic activity for over 100,000 years. This little known tropical paradise will steal your heart as soon as you arrive. The white sand beaches and jutting green mountains as a back drop will take your breathe away. Mauritius is second in the world for air quality.

The Dodo birdThe Republic of Mauritius is home to some of the rarest plant and animal species in the world. Mauritius was home to the infamous Dodo bird which is a rare flightless bird. that is now extinct. Mauritius is the only know place in the world where the Dodo existed. It is believe that the Dodo live there with now natural enemies and lost the need for flight. When settlers of the island brought new species of animals the Dodo could not defend itself and became extinct in or around 1681 when the last Dodo was reportedly killed by a hunter.

The tropical landscape is home to the Black River Gorges National Park which is part of the untouched and preserve part of the island. The mountain areas are home to the rare species of animals that live on the island including the Mauritius Gecko. Conservation efforts are continuously going on in order to preserve the rare species of plants and animals that inhabit the island.

The people of Mauritius are welcoming to all visitors. They love to share their tropical paradise and tell about their islands colorful history. Many visitors are there to experience a memorable Mauritius honeymoon. The island is 787 square miles of pure beauty and boasts over 90 miles of pristine beaches and is surrounded by 49 small uninhabited islands many of which are used as preserves and environmentally protected.

The earliest records of visitor to the island was in the middle ages but remained uninhabited until 1507 when Portuguese sailors set up a visiting base there. It soon became a stop for ships involved in the early spice trades. After changing hands over the century’s is it became a republic in 1992.The official language is French and English commonly spoken on the island. It is considered to by a multi-cultural area including Portuguese, Asian, European, and among other ethnicity.

The population of Mauritius is about 1.2 million and the economy is strong with very low unemployment. The economy thrive on the tourist industry and agriculture. One of the many agricultural crops of the island is sugar. The school system is considered to be excellent and boasts education as one of its strong points to its economy. Financial services industries are very strong there as well.

beachMauritius is one of the few islands left that holds this quality of ocean scenery. Visitors have many opportunities to enjoy this pristine tropical environment. The island and it’s beaches are protected by the 3rd largest corral reef in the world. The reef does not show signs of bleaching and common reef diseases that occur in other reefs of this size. There are many dive sites for the adventurous to explore. These reefs are home to seemingly uncountable amounts of marine life. Divers come from all parts of the world to experience this natural wonder.

Many artificial reefs have formed in the waters around Mauritius from shipwrecks that occurred long ago. This makes an interesting back drop for divers. Preservation efforts are in place to retain the beauty and health of the ocean and corral reefs that surround Mauritius. These reefs are perfect for underwater photography whether you are a professional photographer or novice. The clear water and bursting color of the reef will is captivating for residents and visitors. Divers commonly visit for an unmatched diving experience.

Everyone can enjoy the island of Mauritius, whether you are spending some much needed rest and relaxation with your family or if you are enjoying a Mauritius honeymoon you will find what you are looking for. Mauritius is one of the top luxury vacation hot spots in the world.

Visitors can enjoy the many hotels and resorts on Mauritius and enjoy the many amenities that are available. You will be welcomed and pampered by the friendly people of this island. Regardless of whether you a looking for ultimate luxury or a simple vacation on you trip you will find it.