End-to-End Ad Monitoring

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February 1, 2019

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May 1, 2020

Problem Statement

Because of the many different technologies involved in ad delivery, it is difficult to piece together a holistic view of the delivery and consumption of ads. There is little unification between the technologies which makes gathering and unifying data to provide a clear picture difficult.

Project Description

Ad-supported video streaming is growing. Dedicated services like PlutoTV, Xumo (purchased by member company Comcast), and Tubi, have demonstrated that advertising can be an intrinsic part of the streaming experience, much like broadcast. But, unlike broadcast, delivering ads within streaming video involves multiple systems all working together, from stitching the ad into the video to delivering it as part of playback to measuring the time watched. Yet there is little interoperability between these different systems and technologies. As such, it is very difficult to provide an operational end-to-end view of the distribution and consumption of ads.

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Document and Proof of Concept

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Date Plublished: 02/01/2021

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SVTA5020: All Coming Together: A Collaborative Effort to Achieve Comprehensive End-to-End Monitoring

This paper, originally published by SCTE ISBE, outlines a collaborative integration of manifest delivery, analytics, quality metrics, visual dashboard, and reporting methods while highlighting several demonstration use-cases. This proof-of-concept study will prove helpful for ad operations teams to enable a reliable Quality of Service (QoS) across streaming devices while validating advertiser’s investments.

Goals and Objectives

This project has the following objectives and goals:
  • To demonstrate that it’s possible to monitor the different ad systems within a streaming video workflow
  • To show how ad placement and error detection can be monitored from different ad systems of the streaming video workflow

Project Scope

This project PROVIDES:
  • An inventory of the end-to-end systems and technologies involved in ad distribution and consumption
  • A recommendation of the data points to capture from each system
  • A proposal for a solution to monitor the distribution and consumption of ads in streaming video through the workflow
This project DOES NOT PROVIDE:
  • The recommendation of a specific vendor solution to capture data
  • The recommendation of a specific vendor solution to visualize the captured data


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