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November 1, 2019

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May 31, 2024
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Problem Statement

When determining capacity for delivering streaming video, it’s imperative to have insight into how much storage and bandwidth a downstream cache has available. Although the specifications defining Open Cache Nodes included metrics that defined various capacity variables, the mechanism by which to retrieve that data was not defined. Therefore, to be able to supply capacity management and traffic shaping tools with real-time capacity data, Open Caching Nodes must include an API that allows other systems to programmatically retrieve data about an individual node.

Project Description

Capacity planning for streaming video delivery is a complex operation that requires deep understanding of many variables within the delivery path. Once an understanding of capacity is achieved, various network tools, such as traffic management, can be used to shape where video segments are sent so that no one part of the delivery infrastructure receives more than its capable of handling to provide the expected quality of experience and service. One of those variables is the cache. To understand how much capacity an individual cache has such as available bandwidth (an aspect of the NIC), available memory, and available disc, a traffic management tool must have real-time access to the data from an individual node in a delivery infrastructure that includes OCNs.

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Goals and Objectives

This project has the following goals and objectives:
  • To define an API specification that enables the programmatic retrieval of capacity data from an Open Caching Node.

Project Scope

The API specification produced by this project will PROVIDE:
  • Definition of the various capacity-related metrics available from an Open Caching Node
  • Description of a programmatic method by which to retrieve capacity variables from an Open Caching Node
  • A recommended data structure for containing the metrics and their values
The API specification will NOT PROVIDE:
  • Any specific programming languages that should be used to extract metrics
  • Any thresholds of measurements related to the individual metrics
  • The method for retrieving any other data points or metrics from an Open Caching Node that is not explicitly listed in the specification.


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