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Friday, June 16, 2017 at 10:00am (PST)

Navigating the online video ecosystem can be daunting at best. There are so many vendors and so many categories, it’s difficult to know what technology or what provider to select and what components are needed to build a streaming service. In this session, we’ll explore the different segments of the ecosystem and how you can evaluate the myriad of companies you’ll need to start delivering online video.

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Topics Covered

  1. Okay, introduction time. Tell us a little bit about your background and what you’ve been doing all these years in the streaming video industry.
  2. Let’s start at a high-level: what is the state of the online video ecosystem today? Crowded? Too many companies? What’s the word on consolidation? In what areas of the ecosystem do you most likely see vendors acquiring other vendors?
  3. Give us your thoughts on end-to-end solution providers. Is this the way to go for someone looking to build a streaming service? Or is it better to source best-of-breed services?
  4. What’s stopping online video from overtaking broadcast television? How can we ensure that we will have the infrastructure, services, and video quality to handle the masses when online video overtakes broadcast television as the primary means to watch video content?
  5. Let’s talk about Apple’s recent announcement to support HEVC in all of their devices. What does that mean for the industry and for the consumer?
  6. Okay, let’s turn towards the vendors and talk about a few of the major categories: delivery providers (like CDNs), encoding, and monetization. Give the listeners your thoughts on what they need to keep in mind as they evaluate vendors in these spaces?
  7. What are your thoughts on the cloud? Will all OTT workflows eventually move into the cloud? What advantages do cloud-based technologies, rather than stand-alone boxes, give to video distributors?
  8. When it comes to video providers, who’s doing it best right now? To whom can other distributors and providers, both new and old, look to as an example?
  9. With so many vendors in the ecosystem today, what are your thoughts on interoperability, collaboration, and even standards? Is the industry lacking a common voice? Will fragmentation continue to play a role in disparate user experiences across providers?
  10. Last, but not least, can you give the listeners a sense of what the future holds? Break out your crystal ball, and let’s talk adoption—when do you think people will first turn to OTT providers for their video content rather than their cable subscription?


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Dan Rayburn (Principal Analyst at Frost and Sullivan)

No bio available.

Dan Rayburn (Principal Analyst at Frost and Sullivan)

No bio available.

Moderated by Jason Thibeault

Executive Director

Jason Thibeault is the Executive Director of the Streaming Video Alliance, a global association of companies collaborating to solve critical challenges in delivering a better streaming video experience and increasing adoption. Prior to this role, Jason spent eight years at Limelight Networks, a leading CDN, where he held several roles including product manager and marketing strategist. Jason is an inventor on multiple technical patents in the streaming industry and a proven entrepreneur. He is also a contributing editor to Streaming Media Magazine.

About the Streaming Video Alliance

The Streaming Video Alliance is a global technical association addressing critical challenges in streaming video. By educating the industry on the technical nature of the issues, providing a neutral forum for collaboration across the video ecosystem, and publishing documentation that defines technical solutions, the Alliance is helping to improve the streaming video experience at scale. Over 75 companies including network operators, content rights holders, OTT platforms, service providers, and technology vendors – representing some of the biggest names in global streaming – participate in bi-weekly working group activities and quarterly face-to-face meetings. You can find out more about membership here.

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